Title:               Ready for you
Release:         2010, cd by the band, 10” version by rock in Arnhem.
Line-up:          Harrie Harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie Eagle, Harrie Joosten.           
Note:               Hell yeah, the new record! The vinyl version has 5 songs from the cd plus a Boys cover, First Time, must say we did a good job on this one.

Ready for you
Lucky punch
Home sweet ho!
I spit
First time
The old punk
20 years

Title:               Harries’89
Release:          Cd, 2007 by ourselves.
Line-up:          Harrie harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie King, Harrie Ring.
Note:               From now on we call ourselves harries’89 to mark the area of the Harries (makes sense huh?). Recorded by Nico, he is the master, simple but effective, in Harrie lee’s mansion.

Even tonight we won't surrender
Anarchy at my front door
Do you like this

Title:               Split with Broken Toys.
Released:        Ep, 1994 by Incognito records.
Line-up:          Harrie Harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie Badmuts.
Note:               Split with our favourite punkbands ever, the Broken Toys truly rule. Check them out! Only record with famous Harrie Badmuts who joined us trough many tours!

Everything you know

Title:               Split with Rhythm Collision.
Released:        Ep, 1994 by Break even point records.
Line-up:          Harrie Harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie Rat.
Note:               Allthoug he was a rat, not a bad drummer oi?

Pleased to meet me
New years song

Title:               The things that sticks with you.
Release:          Cd, 1994 by nasty vinyl.
Line-up:          Harrie Harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie Lak.
Note:               Harrie Lak played drums as a favour, he already had left the band, before releasing the cd we had a new drummer, Harrie Lionheart. By the time everything went to press, the bastard left, luckely just in time to change the artwork. Ain’t that hilarious?

Ed the fly
Bad mind
Yo-yo boy
Fucked up
Sex (mm lekker!)
Postal blackmail
Teenager in love
Turn around
Kiss my bollocks
Theme from "the Ants"
First kiss of the day
  Title:               Split with Rhythm Collision.
Release:          Ep, 1994 by Nasty Vinyl.
line-up:            Harrie Harrie, Harrie Hee, Harrie Rat.
Note:               Split Ep to support our 2 months-9countries tour with American homies. 
* actually it was Harrie Lionheart who played drums on this one but since he left us we gave him another name which suited him much better

In our time
Lucky man

Title:               Dedicated to Werner.
Release:          Cd, 1993 by bark&bite.
line-up:            Harrie Harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie Wonder.
Note:               we felt everything should be possible while making the recordings. We had a lot of fun and a lot of guest musicians. Still love the cover artwork, Tuppus did a great job.

Electric chair
Blue moon
Hair in my soup
Allright I
Preabh san ol
It must be raining today
Are you tender?
Return to sender
Free the people
Under the bridge
Pino was a seadog
When I was younger

Title:               The incredible stinking Harries.
Release:          Ep, 1992 by incognito records.
Line-up:          Harrie harrie, Harrie lee, Harrie Wonder.
Note:               Yes, those are our dookies on the cover, tasty don’t you think?

Your baby
Long ago
That will be the day

Title:               Don’t go for that.
Release:          Ep, 1991 by Gas chamber records.
Line-up:          Harrie Harrie, Harrie Lee, Harrie Wonder.
Note:               Our very first release, look how young we were, and handsome, and how cold it was on the ice... Featuring the Undertones cover teenage kicks.

Needle up my cock
I don't go
Eddy the eagle
Out of control