april 4, 2016
Review of the site www.alter-alert.com

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febrauri 11, 2015
Review of the Swedish magazine Skrutt Magazine

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september 23, 2014
Harries89 are touring Sardinia again in September 2014! See gigs for more information!! See Merge for our new t-shirts !!! Hope to see you soon!
march 26, 2013
The Harries89 are going back to Sardignia this year!
After last years succesfull tour in August, The Harries89 were asked to come again.
Alessandro Addis, drummer from the punk group Delined organised a 4 day tour.
Together these bands will rock Sardignia from 18-21 April 2013!!
You find more info on the page "Gigs".
We are looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

august 10, 2012
2011 was a sabbatical year (again?)
When it was clear that drummer Harrie Joosten and gitarplayer Harrie Eagle decided to stop, HH and HL transformed themselves into boeddhistic moncs and meditate about the things happend in there lives.
2 minutes later they saw the light; a 3 piece band and a new drummer!!!
And so the story continued! The new drummer was found in a old friend; Harrie Bosje (also known as the wild wood man) who played in Circle of friends and Shaggable sluts.
They spend (again?) hours in the practice room and found the perfect mix of 23 years Harries Rock'n'Roll! 
And now they are ready to Rock again! Starting with a little tour da Sardegna in august 2012! If you are in he near, come to see them!!
may 26, 2010
on the Dutch website "3voor12" you can read a review about the release party in Willemeen, read it here