It all started on a rainy February afternoon in 1989 and quickly went on to become an all boys dream.
Harrie Harrie and Harrie Lee went into a dirty basement in the city off Arnhem to lay the foundations for "The Harries" and there now trademark "Speed up punkrock with a huge smile". In the following months lots of gigs were played and several 7 inches released, followed by the much anticipated release of there first album "Dedicated to Werner".
After numerous changes of line up (especially drummers who couldnt hack the pace of the Harries high energy level) our boys finally met their perfect soul mate. They hijacked the drummer from Giesseners punk rock outfit "The Arnolds" to a session room for two weeks to teach him the principles of being a "Harrie" and baptised him into "Harrie Badmuts" (forget about the translation, its too silly).

In 1994 they jumped into to the van for a 10 country, 8 week tour through out Europe to promote there new album "The thing that sticks with you" released on notorious German punkrock label Nasty Vinyl. Several more tours and releases followed this.

In the year of 1996 the dream came to an end. Rock 'n roll buried it's next victims. The Harries tried to live normal lives. A job, marriage, kids and mortgage, you know normal life. Well normal ?
Harrie Harrie and Harrie Lee found out that it is impossible to live a normal live without punkrock. After some false attempts, finally graduating from college, it finally dawned on them that nothing apart from punkrock really matters anymore. They picked up their instruments, recruited new members (a 2nd guitar player, Harrie King, and a new drummer, Harrie Ring) and played non-stop punkrock for three days in a row, only having a break for the necessary amount of beer and pizza. The result was a mix of old Harrie-style punkrock with modern influences. High-energy punkrock with great hooks and catchy sing-a-longs. Bringing back  memories of bands like the Ramones (the energy), Buzzcocks (the melody), Toy Dolls (the humour) all played with the sound of today. The band marks this new era in their history with a new name. Harries'89. New? Not quite. The number 89 refers the year it all started. Yes, the boys are back in town!

Guess what? History repeats its self. Harrie Ring and Harrie King left the band and soon Harrie Joosten (drums)and Harrie Eagle (guitars) flew in.
After playing several gigs and having ideas for new songs Harries’89 decided to record a new 9 tracks CD and 6 tracks 10”. These new albums, the best Harries’89 ever recorded, are both called “Ready for you”. In May 2010 the 2 albums will be released.

2011 was a sabbatical year (again?)
When it was clear that drummer Harrie Joosten and gitarplayer Harrie Eagle decided to stop, HH and HL transformed themselves into boeddhistic moncs and meditate about the things happend in there lives.
2 minutes later they saw the light; a 3 piece band and a new drummer!!!
And so the story continued! The new drummer was found in a old friend; Harrie Bosje (also known as the wild wood man) who played in Circle of friends and Shaggable sluts.
They spend (again?) hours in the practice room and found the perfect mix of 23 years Harries Rock'n'Roll! 
And now they are ready to Rock again! Starting with a little tour da Sardegna in august 2012! If you are in he near, come to see them!!
  After the succesfull tour to Sardegna in 2012 the Harries89 where asked by there Sardegnian manager Alessandro Addis to come back to Sardegna in April 2013.
And offcourse the guys went again! Last year the Harries89 played only in the north, around Olbia. This time they played also in the region of Cagliari. And it was a big party again! Thanx to the Sardegnian supporters who showed up at the 4 gigs and thanx to the bands Delined and Nihil!
The Harries89 not only brouhght there gitars and drumsticks, they also took a video camera with them! Soon you can see this funny mini documentairy on youtube, facebook and on this website!!! HL.